Calvin Klein

Despite all the debates that circle like sharks around the modelling industry, like those about weight and unrealistic expectations, exploitation and gratuitous nudity, a model's purpose never changes. A model's purpose is to sell dreams and thus products.

But if most models are sales tools then Lara Stone is a downright weapon. She has the kind of figure that can only be described as impossible, the kind that's ideal for selling lingerie. Don't Calvin Klein know it.

Their 'Naked Glamour' range is simple and unexciting, so much so that using Lara Stone in the campaign is almost akin to cracking a walnut with a bulldozer. But on the other hand who else can make plain, nude underwear look so darn covetable?

With a video that showcases the perfection of Lara as much as it does the underwear, the whole Calvin Klein campaign can be viewed below.



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