Hunedoara Castle

hunedoara castleHunedoara Castle as known as Dracula's Castle is a castle in Romania, which belonged to the Vlad Dracula. Dracula's Castle is the main tourist attraction in Romania. Fantastic and beautiful building with three towers and a bridge provoking the rises over the cliffs. For some people beautiful, for some frightening, but Castle has become a tourist attraction because of the connection with the notorius Vlad Dracula, whose cruelty inspired Brian Stoker for the novel "Dracula," which was published in 1897. According to legend, Vlad cruel, which is a nickname "ramrod of the pole" given to the manner in which the tortured enemies, spent one night in the castle, built in the 14th century as a fortress in the defense of Osmanlis. The Dracula's Castle has more than 400 000 tourist visits a year.


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